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Albert Camus
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Beyond the design theory, finding your inner vision

13/Nov | Published on Blog, Food for Thought, Graphic Design

Since I started working as a freelancer I have had the chance to get involved in many projects. A few of them have an uncommon “prospective” profile that goes beyond the sphere of graphic design. An example of this is … Continue reading

Ki Gompa (Ki Monastery) - Photo and caption by Natalia Luzuriaga
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Taking the right decision

8/Nov | Published on Blog, Food for Thought

Many times in our professional and personal life we will feel used. It could be a hard time to get over and some people never look back, they only move forward, ignoring the wound. It is often said that to … Continue reading

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Feed your Brain, Design and Inspirational Feeds

6/Nov | Published on Blog, Food for Thought

Since the creation of the web Feeds, specially the RSS 2.0 and Atom, looking for inspiration or new expression techniques became an easy fact, at least for me. I usually review my Feed susbcriptions many times a week, even considering … Continue reading

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