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Grupo FSA

21/Jan | Published on Portfolio, Webdesign

Client: Grupo FSA Service: Webdesign To design a single-page website is always an interesting experience. FSA wanted a simple layout, featuring a few of their holding companies, a brief about the company and an easy-to-go contact form.

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Lado Humano

21/Jan | Published on Portfolio, Webdesign

Client: Lado Humano Service: Webdesign Lado Humano required a new responsive website that could promote their project: TrendHunters. The website was developed with CSS3 Media Queries, making the layout flexible and proper for common mobile devices.

Mail Marketing Management
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Las 2 Motos case

31/Oct | Published on Mgnt. Design, Portfolio

Client: Las 2 Motos Service: Management Design applied on Community Management. Development, community management and other digital solutions for “Las 2 Motos” ventures are just a part of the many services offered to the company. This motorcycle mega store wanted … Continue reading

Logo Chabad Academy
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Testimonial Chabad Academy

23/Oct | Published on Portfolio, Testimonials

The first time I went to Chabad Academy I met a peaceful place to work. It was the right time to be there (after having finished a long term partnership in my first venture, a long story that you can … Continue reading

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20/Oct | Published on Portfolio, Webdesign

Client: Indeed Solutions Service: Webdesign and Development Indeed Solutions CEO needed a website for his company.  They offer facebook, iPhone and software solutions for many market areas. The website is tested to work on IE 6, 7, 8, Firefox, Chrome, … Continue reading

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F1 Racing Book

20/Oct | Published on eBook Design, Portfolio

Client: Charly Omer Service: eBook design and eReaders conversion The “F1 Racing Book” is the perfect F1 fan book. The author, Charly Omer, release a new version yearly with all the F1 Season informations that a speed racing follower should … Continue reading

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Magu Família

18/Oct | Published on Portfolio, SEO

Client: Magu Service: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Performance Optimization, Web Development. This design agency had their website design ready to be deployed. As the owners of two agencies (Magu.cl and MaguDiseno.cl), each one focused in different market areas (craftmade … Continue reading

Psicologia das Atividades Mentais
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Psicologia das Atividades Mentais

18/Oct | Published on Editorial Design, Portfolio

Client: Francisco Fialho Service: Book Design Our Team: Luiz Roberto Carvalho Considering the main book subject: how the Mental Activities are build from the psychology perspective, “Psicologia das Atividades Mentais” was full of rich raw material to generate a unique … Continue reading

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UFSC Academic Book Covers

18/Oct | Published on Editorial Design, Portfolio

Client: Santa Catarina Federal University (UFSC) Service: Editorial Design The Santa Catarina Federal Unviersity, Brazil, leads the e-Learning inititative on the country. They have a Design department in charge of digital and print resources for students around the nation. I … Continue reading

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Testimonial Indeed Solutions

18/Oct | Published on Portfolio, Testimonials

Indeed Solutions CEO, Mr. Apurva Mehta, called me to design his company website. Since that day it has always been a pleasure to work with him and his team, their great initiative and positivism is inspiring in addition to their … Continue reading

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