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Client: MO
Service: Management Design, Community Management, Wedesign

Communicatheo was a communicology portal that received the support from a variety of academic groups and universities. I was in charge of:

  • Community Management: Bringing new collaborators and encouraging the generation of new ideas and research subjects. Also it was necessary to build a body of volunteer translators that was a success: Spanish, English and Portuguese translators collaborated in the first project stage.
  • Webdesign: The website was based in a niche theme (eVid). The lower budget allowed us to start with the tools inside the niche theme, that run on WordPress. Later, we decided to keep only the player feature, a state-of-the-art app developed by Nick Roach and improved by Cuducos to support Vimeo and other video resources, specifically for Communicatheo. The new design that kept kinship from eVid beautiful theme, was able to support many blogs setup on the same CMS, WpMU, and featured the main subjects on the Home Page: Design, Communicology and Research

It’s a pity that the project was abandoned by MO after a few months.

Communicatheo - Home (Based on eVid by Nick Roach)

Communicatheo: I was in charge of Community Management (inviting collaborators and translators around the world). Another responsibility was improve the website design and keep it update. Theme developed from scratch by Cuducos (inspired on eVid by Nick Roach).

Communicatheo Preview - Archive Page (Based on eVid by Nick Roach)

Communicatheo Preview - Archive Page (Based on eVid by Nick Roach)

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