Taking the right decision

Many times in our professional and personal life we will feel used. It could be a hard time to get over and some people never look back, they only move forward, ignoring the wound.

So let me share with you this quote, from ‘Master Kan’ (from the Kun Fu Series), it really helped me to overcome this ’emotional state’:

It is often said that to be effective one must act with forthrightness and great force. But what is to be gained by such a choice? If the end one embarks on is a righteous action, it flows the way of the Tao. Forces are in motion to which we cannot add, from which we cannot subtract. If our path is right, there is only one course to follow. The correct action is to do nothing and all will be done. – Master Kan

Photo Credit: snotch Flickr via Compfight cc

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Nicolas Franz

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